Monday, 27 May 2013

Week 21, a quieter week

This week they celebrated their Silver wedding anniversary. They went on the bus to Salisbury for the day, and had lunch in a riverside pub. It was quite a cold day (its always cold when they take me to Salisbury).

These are the cards they sent to each other

She took part in a mug swap, and this is the mug she received from her swap partner Donna

She wrote a letter to her pen friend Karen

We went to Bristol to buy some stepping stones for the garden from B&Q.

A belated birthday present for her from Jade and the grandsons,

and just look what we have growing in the conservatory

Hope you had a good week,


Monday, 20 May 2013

Week 20, Wanda goes on a road trip

Here we are in the car, before we go, with the trip meter set at 0.0

Now we are in Epping Forest, just off the M25 and almost at the end of the first leg of our travels.

We take a walk out to the pond to see the ducks and then we spend the night with Auntie Jan who has just celebrated her 60th birthday.

After the second leg of our travels we get to see the new baby granddaughter Abigail, isn't she adorable?

And, of course, we saw the equally adorable Marissa as well, although Marissa couldn't visit her new cousin just yet as she had "a notty nose" (thankfully not visible in this picture)

The night before our return we stayed with the grandsons, who kept well away from the camera at all times, so we peered through the window at their back garden instead.

Now we are back home after travelling a total of 369.4 miles from Wiltshire to Essex, to Surrey, and back to Wiltshire again.

How was your week? Did you travel as much as we did?

Wanda x x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week 19, A birthday, some walking and some rain.

Someone had a birthday this weekend

They took me out for a walk in this

The view from the top

A trip to the park

Then it rained so we didn't go outside

Horse biscuits?

Any knitted horses in this book, I wonder?

(is she looking at me?)

Enjoy your week,
Wanda x x

Monday, 6 May 2013

Week 18, A berry good week

Supermarket blueberries

Our very own raspberry canes

Oooh look, I've found a gooseberry

and can you just about see a flower on the strawberry plant?

I know figs aren't berries, but they are still pretty exciting

The humans have started working on re-organising their garden, so I'd better see what they're up to.

and finally, lets see if these cosmos are ready for planting out yet.

It looks as if its going to be a nice sunny week, hope you all enjoy it.

Love Wanda x x