Monday, 23 September 2013

Week 38, Autumn . .

. . has arrived. We made a bit of a flower arrangement with the leftovers of the bouquet from a couple of weeks ago.

Suenextdoor has given us some plums from their tree, they are yummy

Here is my friend Flopsy, who made a flying visit for some repairs and is now back in USA with her owner

More runner beans! I think I'll soon be turning green.

I do like a nice cuppa now and again.

This lobelia is in a pot on the deck, where it's slightly sheltered and doesn't have the windswept look of the lobelia in the (now not) hanging baskets

and this tiny little white cyclamen has made its first appearance in the garden, isn't it lovely?

How was your week?

Love Wanda x x


  1. Those plums look delicious. Glad your friend Flopsy came to stay for a while. xx

  2. Lucky you to have a wild cyclamen in the garden. I've seen some on my travels, but not at home. Wanda seems to like the colour of yours. The wild ones are always pinky.
    Cheers Gillian