Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Week 52, and farewell, friends.

Well, what would you know? It's been raining again.

She loves her new 2014 brochure, I'm sure she'll be sharing it with you all soon on her own blog Daisy Row

We had pork for dinner on Christmas Day.

I tried to help them with their jigsaw puzzle, it's a very hard one, I think they need all the help they can get.

It was a lovely sunny day, so we took a walk around the lake in the park.

I love this, she has it on her studio door and at the top of her blog, it was made for her by Tracy (Mad About Bags).

Look at this card that he gave her, he's such a lovely man.

And here is one last picture of me for this year, contemplating the future.

I hope you've enjoyed my year as much as I have, I'm now going into retirement. She'll be doing another 365 for 2014 which she'll start tomorrow or sometime soon, you can find it here.

Happy New Year to all my followers, and thanks for joining me on my travels.

Wanda x x x

Monday, 23 December 2013

Week 51, almost there

My visit to see Santa, and to ask him for a peaceful New Year

I've enjoyed watching this blanket grow over the past couple of months, hope the recipient enjoys it too.

Our last pub visit of the year, to the Snooty Fox, love their tree lights.

The poinsettia doesn't smell of anything much, but it looks very nice

We really love this wine

A letter to our penfriend in U.S.A. although it wont go in the post now until after the celebrations and should arrive early next year.

My official portrait

Next week will be my last, then I'm going off to pastures green to enjoy my retirement. Wishing you all a very happy festive season and all good wishes for 2014

Love from Wanda x x

Monday, 16 December 2013

Week 50

Ooooh, look! New wallpaper on the bedroom wall.

One of our christmas cards, this one from Australia

The hyacinths are growing, but we don't hold out too much hope that they'll be open for christmas

I've spent a lot of time this year travelling around in HER handbag, I'm a bit grubby now

New reading lamps over the bed

"Times" for a bit of serious reading on a Saturday morning

The christmas tree is up

How was your week?


Monday, 9 December 2013

Week 49

I love to help with the gift wrapping

Our first card is from Nan

We were given this lovely tree decoration in our cracker swap

Thirsty work, this christmas lark (it's water!)

Took a drive out to Tisbury, and stopped in Fonthill Park on the way home for our picnic

Look what GM came home with, isn't he lovely?

He's also put the wiring in for new overhead reading lamps in the bedroom, watch out next week for wallpapering pictures!

How was your week?


Monday, 2 December 2013

Week 48

Hello again,  Happy Cyber Monday. Our hyacinths are showing, so they've come out of the cupboard, not sure they'll be in flower for Christmas though.

She loves a sweet potato now and again. Do you?

We've already eaten two boxes of mince pies, so she needed to buy another two boxes - I think the mice come out and eat them overnight (or maybe its GT?).

It was one of those lovely bright sunny days, so we took a picnic out with us in the car and found a nice spot to stop and watch the countryside.

We love getting letters in the post, this one is from Karen, in Cornwall.

I went with her to help at a Christmas Fayre that she attended in Westbury, we met lots of interesting people.

This lovely star was sent to us all the way from U.S.A., she took part in a Christmas decoration swap.

Hope you enjoy your week,

Wanda x x