Saturday, 9 February 2013

Week 6, mostly about the new dining room

Wanda inspects the newly dried plasterwork, and the newly fixed radiator, both of which passed her inspection with flying colours.

Then she needs to check that I'm sewing the Rufflette tape at the top of the curtain to her satisfaction.

We had to drive out to make a collection from the Swindon branch of Wickes. Now you may remember that Swindon is not my favourite place to visit, so it was a quick in and out again, and then stop for a picnic lunch in the car in Savernake Forest. Of course Wanda came with us, as she hadn't been to Swindon before, and hopes never to go again!

This is what we bought in Wickes, the oak flooring for the dining room, I think she likes it.

And then it was Friday

A bit of down time to do some crocheting, with a little help from my friend

Now where has she gone?

Hiding in the hood of my parka!

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  1. I'm really enjoying founding out what Wanda gets up to, thanks for keeping me entertained xx