Monday, 25 March 2013

Week Twelve

This new iron must have been the cheapest in the shop, otherwise why on earth would she buy one this colour? (Yes, Wanda, I bought it from Argos, it was reduced, and hence the cheapest in the shop, but it works - which my old one didn't!)

Ooh, airmail paper and envelopes, what are they for? (I have another new penfriend, who lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA)

Cream tea at the Peppermill, Devizes (with our lovely friends, Jean and Mo)

She's wallpapering the dining room at long last (Thanks for your assistance, Wanda)

These are picked from the garden

I think I maybe ought to start a bit of serious reading (Wanda, I suggest you start with Bertha-size Your Life, by the lovely Jane Carroll before moving on to the hexaflexagons)

It's so cold, I think I'll wrap up warm, do you think they'll notice?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Week Eleven, during which we had an Indian Winter (the opposite of Indian Summer, if there is such a thing)

Wanda with the birthday boy

Wanda admiring our new dresser

Last week Wanda was enjoying the crocuses, now the horrible icy winds have blown them over and they are not happy

Wanda, like me, really enjoys the smell and feel of a nice pile of clean laundry

We recently received this "Morning Glory in a tin" from our Springtime/Easter swap partner Jille

We took Wanda with us up to Cradle Hill on the edge of Salisbury Plain, she enjoyed the views and the blue skies

Monday, 11 March 2013

Week ten, and we really thought spring had arrived

My Springtime/Easter swap parcel is ready to go in the post

The floor fitters came, and were kind enough to let Wanda have a look at their super-duper electric floor saw

Dont worry Wanda, it's 100% beef

 A sunny day, and Wanda tiptoes through the crocuses

We bought a few bulbs for the garden and some compost accelerator

She's trying to hide among the cards, but we can see you, Wanda

What, more wine?

Monday, 4 March 2013

Week 9, and spring is on the way at last

Wanda wonders why she doesn't get a beer of her own to drink

Peering out of the bus on the way home from our trip to Salisbury market

Wanda wants me to read her The Star Pirate

Checking out the snowdrops

Helping with seed sowing

Wanda was really hoping the lads would get three points today

Checking out the newly covered chair