Monday, 25 March 2013

Week Twelve

This new iron must have been the cheapest in the shop, otherwise why on earth would she buy one this colour? (Yes, Wanda, I bought it from Argos, it was reduced, and hence the cheapest in the shop, but it works - which my old one didn't!)

Ooh, airmail paper and envelopes, what are they for? (I have another new penfriend, who lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA)

Cream tea at the Peppermill, Devizes (with our lovely friends, Jean and Mo)

She's wallpapering the dining room at long last (Thanks for your assistance, Wanda)

These are picked from the garden

I think I maybe ought to start a bit of serious reading (Wanda, I suggest you start with Bertha-size Your Life, by the lovely Jane Carroll before moving on to the hexaflexagons)

It's so cold, I think I'll wrap up warm, do you think they'll notice?


  1. I've just purchased a new steam iron too - from Asda - £3.75 - how do they make them that cheap! And - it works fine too. Glad that Wanda is keeping you all under control.

  2. Oh that Wanda - she does get around. Love the afghan - and is she going to show us the finished wallpaper?

  3. Obviously Wanda is not into pink, I think it looks a really cool iron, must make ironing more enjoyable. x