Monday, 18 March 2013

Week Eleven, during which we had an Indian Winter (the opposite of Indian Summer, if there is such a thing)

Wanda with the birthday boy

Wanda admiring our new dresser

Last week Wanda was enjoying the crocuses, now the horrible icy winds have blown them over and they are not happy

Wanda, like me, really enjoys the smell and feel of a nice pile of clean laundry

We recently received this "Morning Glory in a tin" from our Springtime/Easter swap partner Jille

We took Wanda with us up to Cradle Hill on the edge of Salisbury Plain, she enjoyed the views and the blue skies


  1. Looks like you have had some lovely weather to get out and about in. x

  2. Hope the weather stays like that for you!! Shame about your crocus, I had the same problem with my primroses :( Where will Wanda go to next?? x

  3. Congratulations for the great post and beautiful photos!
    This Wanda - looks great! We believe that the white color of the animal / white horse as / brings good luck!
    Happy Birthday to your boy! I wish him much joy, health and success!
    I love your Indian Winter too!
    Good luck!

  4. Two blogs - wow Joy!

    I can barely cope with one!

    Hope the weather improves for us both.

    x Fiona

  5. Haha, Fiona, I am a retired empty(almost)nester with time on my hands, especially at the moment when I want to be in the garden but its too cold. Wanda is my 365 blog for this year, but posted weekly rather than daily.

  6. At least Wanda can be warm with her nice knitted "coat".

  7. Wanda's mane looks a bit windswept bless her.

  8. Ha Ha! I shall see a Horse Like Wanda over in Westbury tomorrow!