Monday, 11 March 2013

Week ten, and we really thought spring had arrived

My Springtime/Easter swap parcel is ready to go in the post

The floor fitters came, and were kind enough to let Wanda have a look at their super-duper electric floor saw

Dont worry Wanda, it's 100% beef

 A sunny day, and Wanda tiptoes through the crocuses

We bought a few bulbs for the garden and some compost accelerator

She's trying to hide among the cards, but we can see you, Wanda

What, more wine?


  1. I hope you are right and it is beef or it is one of Wanda's relatives!

  2. That Wanda is a busy one - I really enjoy these posts.

  3. Do I detect a slightly disapproving tone in the last pic....or does Wanda just want a trough of her own?
    Cheers Gillian

  4. Tongue in cheek, Gillian, I have two small glasses of wine most evenings, and I'm not totally sure that Wanda approves.

  5. lol she does get around doesn't she? How does she keep so clean?? x

  6. This is super fun!
    I love your idea for Wanda.
    Wonder why not join us your pictures here -
    Lucky Snapping in 2013

    You are invited!