Monday, 4 March 2013

Week 9, and spring is on the way at last

Wanda wonders why she doesn't get a beer of her own to drink

Peering out of the bus on the way home from our trip to Salisbury market

Wanda wants me to read her The Star Pirate

Checking out the snowdrops

Helping with seed sowing

Wanda was really hoping the lads would get three points today

Checking out the newly covered chair


  1. She gets about that pony. Reminds me when I used to be on busymitts and some of us had little knitted people and we would post photos. Used to be on my old blog - she went everywhere - even ski-ing in Banff Canada. Do you find people look at you when you set the pony up for photos? I used to get asked excuse me what is this for? Little chris even had her photo taken with the female pilot of the BA flight over to Canada!! Yes, I was cheeky in asking, but she loved it.

  2. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one, Chrissy! I do try to be discreet though, the only time anyone has asked was when I went to the dentist and the dental nurse asked why my white horse was watching me from my bag!

  3. I love wanda's antics and love the fact that people ask about her I think she will become much bolder as the year progresses xx

  4. Well! Thank you for the comment on my blog and lovely to meet you and Wanda. I've added you to my list already.
    Cheers |Gillian

  5. This is super fun - can't wait to read more!