Monday, 1 April 2013

Week Thirteen, and a quarter way through the year already

This week Wanda has been looking at things that are growing in the house

Some morning glory on my workbench in front of the window in the studio

Some potatoes chitting up on the kitchen windowsill

Some brussells sprouts seedlings in the conservatory

Then she decided to say hello to the elephant in the front room

We let her join in with the celebratory meal in our new dining room

and, on a quest for dessert, she checked out the fruit bowl.

A quick outing to the Angel, Heytesbury, where they had a nice fire burning


  1. Wonderful new day Wanda - will you be digging in the dirt too? Or leaving that to the taller gardeners. Great photos.

  2. All that new stuff sprouting - spring is around somewhere.......

  3. I love this blog and my husband also loves seeing where Wanda is wandering next.
    Cheers Gillian