Thursday, 8 January 2015

Our calling card booklet

Our friend Sandie (with whom we met up back in the summer) gave us this book . .

. . . which we have found very useful and inspirational. It gave us some really great ideas on how to successfully run and promote our business, and to enable others to really "get" what it is we are about.

We decided that a visualization of our multi-talents was what was need, so we cracked on to make one. We started with a 7 page children's card book, which we cut apart to give us individual pages to work on (we used dots and spots tape to bind the cut edges).

We printed off a page of words that describe what we do,

then we set about making up our own individual pages, using paper, scissors and glue to give a colourful depiction of how we go about our work.

We are delighted with the end product, and will be showing it off to our friends whenever they ask us what we are currently up to.

The finished "calling card" book, joined with colourful ribbon - front and back

Thanks so much to Sandie, both for the original book and for the book-making ideas.

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