Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Clearing space and raising money for the Nepal Earthquake Disaster Fund II

Each one of these baby/child hats is available for £1.00 plus 75p postage (for 75p we can post up to three in one package). Every £1.00 that we take before postage will be donated directly to The Nepal Earthquake disaster fund, so please buy lots.

Hat 1

Hat 2

Hat 3

Hat 4

Hat 5

Hat 6

Hat 7 (we have two of these)

Hat 8

Hat 9

Hat 10

Hat 11

Hat 12

Hat 13

Hat 14

We also have several other hats both baby size and small child size, which will be posted up soon.

Please buy as many as you can. Either email us at or comment below, thank you.

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