Monday, 21 January 2013

Week three, in and out.

We stayed in, and Wanda helped me to sort my clothes

We went to Trowbridge, and met with Jean for coffee and chat

We stayed in, and I cut out some placemats for the kitchen breakfast bar

We went to Devizes, met Claire, had a drink in the White Bear

We stayed in, Wanda inspected the hyacinths

and the fabric for the new dining room curtains

We went out, briefly, into the garden to have a look at the snow


  1. Another busy week for Wanda, I look Cassie in the background watching what's going on!

  2. What a hectic day for the little pony

  3. Be careful not to loose Wanda in all that snow one slip and ......

  4. I 'wanda' where she will go next??? hee hee :)