Monday, 28 January 2013

Week four in Wandaland

Poor Wanda had a bit of an accident, she fell over while doing a photoshoot in the snow.

My dear friend Janet sent me some lovely stripy socks, with toes! Wanda was fascinated.

Wanda came with us for a lunchtime beer at the Weymouth Arms, where we were able to sit in front of the log fire

I have some sweetpea seedlings that I've started off in the kitchen where its nice and warm, Wanda checks progress

A very lucky charity shop find, a set of 6 Royal Doulton tea plates to match our teapot. Wanda is pleased with my purchase.

Wanda really needed to give her approval to the new sliding patio door that we've had fitted between the dining room and the conservatory

I've been calorie counting since the start of the year, Wanda checks my chart to make sure I'm not cheating


  1. Can I borrow Wanda to keep a check on my food diary! Lovely blog Joy.

  2. Hah, brilliant. You jammy whatsit finding those plates - what a lucky find. Hope Wanda has recovered from her slip in the snow.

  3. Love your new blog! Wanda is fab! And those plates are gorgeous! x

  4. Another great week in the life of wanda I hope she thawed out okay after her dip in the snow x

  5. Oh poor Wanda falling over. What a great charity shop find, the best.