Monday, 6 May 2013

Week 18, A berry good week

Supermarket blueberries

Our very own raspberry canes

Oooh look, I've found a gooseberry

and can you just about see a flower on the strawberry plant?

I know figs aren't berries, but they are still pretty exciting

The humans have started working on re-organising their garden, so I'd better see what they're up to.

and finally, lets see if these cosmos are ready for planting out yet.

It looks as if its going to be a nice sunny week, hope you all enjoy it.

Love Wanda x x


  1. It does look like a sunny week here too, Wanda - loved your very berry week.

  2. Those raspberries and gooseberries are coming along nicely. xx

  3. Please can Wanda come over our way and supervise us? You can come too and have a cuppa,
    Cheers Gillian