Monday, 20 May 2013

Week 20, Wanda goes on a road trip

Here we are in the car, before we go, with the trip meter set at 0.0

Now we are in Epping Forest, just off the M25 and almost at the end of the first leg of our travels.

We take a walk out to the pond to see the ducks and then we spend the night with Auntie Jan who has just celebrated her 60th birthday.

After the second leg of our travels we get to see the new baby granddaughter Abigail, isn't she adorable?

And, of course, we saw the equally adorable Marissa as well, although Marissa couldn't visit her new cousin just yet as she had "a notty nose" (thankfully not visible in this picture)

The night before our return we stayed with the grandsons, who kept well away from the camera at all times, so we peered through the window at their back garden instead.

Now we are back home after travelling a total of 369.4 miles from Wiltshire to Essex, to Surrey, and back to Wiltshire again.

How was your week? Did you travel as much as we did?

Wanda x x


  1. I did not travel as far as you did Wanda - I went to the deck and back in again - then went to town but it is only a few miles - but I had a good time. It looks like you have a good time too. I hope you don't catch the "notty nose".

  2. What a busy time you had. This week I haven ' t been far compared to the previous week - 100s and 100 s of miles.