Monday, 2 December 2013

Week 48

Hello again,  Happy Cyber Monday. Our hyacinths are showing, so they've come out of the cupboard, not sure they'll be in flower for Christmas though.

She loves a sweet potato now and again. Do you?

We've already eaten two boxes of mince pies, so she needed to buy another two boxes - I think the mice come out and eat them overnight (or maybe its GT?).

It was one of those lovely bright sunny days, so we took a picnic out with us in the car and found a nice spot to stop and watch the countryside.

We love getting letters in the post, this one is from Karen, in Cornwall.

I went with her to help at a Christmas Fayre that she attended in Westbury, we met lots of interesting people.

This lovely star was sent to us all the way from U.S.A., she took part in a Christmas decoration swap.

Hope you enjoy your week,

Wanda x x


  1. Glad to see my letter arrived safely and you have had another busy week. xx

  2. Always eventful for you. I love a nice mince pie too. Only had one so far.

  3. That is a lovely star. My hyacinths are out in flower already.