Monday, 23 December 2013

Week 51, almost there

My visit to see Santa, and to ask him for a peaceful New Year

I've enjoyed watching this blanket grow over the past couple of months, hope the recipient enjoys it too.

Our last pub visit of the year, to the Snooty Fox, love their tree lights.

The poinsettia doesn't smell of anything much, but it looks very nice

We really love this wine

A letter to our penfriend in U.S.A. although it wont go in the post now until after the celebrations and should arrive early next year.

My official portrait

Next week will be my last, then I'm going off to pastures green to enjoy my retirement. Wishing you all a very happy festive season and all good wishes for 2014

Love from Wanda x x


  1. Hope you have a wonderful christmas Wanda and enjoy your retirement. It has been lovely following your adventures throughout 2013. Take care. xx

  2. Thank you for your lovely photos and a view of life from your perspective. Enjoy your retirement.