Monday, 9 September 2013

Week 36

When Marissa tells you to lie down and go to sleep, you really just have to do it.

Isn't this rosebud - from GO and his partner - a lovely colour?

These yellow chrysanthemums are from the same bunch

This sunflower is very tiny, it's self-seeded, but we are going to collect the seeds and sow them next year, and hope for taller ones.

The fig tree has been moved from its temporary home to its final position.

 A new beer that my mum is trying, wonder why she wouldn't let me have a taste

Watching the sunrise over Salisbury Plain

Hope you enjoy your week,

Wanda x x


  1. Your Wanda is great! She is very beautiful and .. curious.
    And.. she is still sparkling white in this her commitment! Smile
    Wish you a nice and successful week!

  2. LOL love the first photo. :) x