Monday, 16 September 2013

Week 37

Who remembers last week's rosebud. Here it is now, open and smelling divine.

Did you watch the football, England v Ukraine? It was a difficult match to watch.

This is how I spend most of my time, sitting in the bag watching the world go by.

Mum's just become a Phoenix Trader again, you can see her website here:
She let me help unpack the Christmas card samples (oops, sorry, mentioned Christmas, promise I wont mention it again for a while!)

My people have been doing some overhang cut-backs, here's a pile of the cuttings, lovely smell (but not as nice as the rose)

Autumn is well and truly here now, mum's been taking fuschia cuttings from the hanging baskets, so she'll have lots of new plants for next year.

Do I like coleslaw? Never tried it, does it taste like grass or hay?

How was your week?

Wanda x x

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  1. Just caught up with all your past blogs wanda - my you are a busy little horse. As always mum has taken some fab pics.